How to welcome in 2016


As the clock ticks over and 2015 ends, the urge to farewell the year with a bang is no greater than on New Years Eve.

Whilst many of us intend to welcome the clean slate the calendar provides with high spirits and good company, there can always be too much of a good thing.

No one sees this more than Queensland paramedics who responded to more than 5500 calls across the state on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day last year.

Acting Senior Operations Supervisor, Queensland Ambulance Service Gavin Fuller witnesses first hand, how quickly a good night out can go terribly wrong.

“Look I think go and have a good time and enjoy yourself obviously it’s a great time of the year to go out and having a party and relax but everything in moderation,” says Mr. Fuller.

New years eve celebrations are all well and good, however as many of us know a good night can be scarred by a bad hangover.

“Well step number one is don’t drink, that’s the only way I know to avoid a hangover.”

For those of us who won’t be as well behaved, Mr. Fuller says having a full stomach before you crack open a bottle could spare you the morning headache.

“Have heaps of fluids, have something good to eat and something to eat during the night and stay within your limits.”

Road accidents are far too common over the holiday period with Queensland Ambulance responding to 42 road traffic crashes last new years eve. Simple precautions such as utilizing public transport or having a designated driver could greatly change how you welcome in 2016.

“Plan ahead, plan how you’re going to get there and how you’re going to get home. Make sure you utilize a designated driver and have a good time but remember everything in moderation.”

Mr. Fuller says that it’s important to look after your mates, as far too often he sees patients wandering off, alone and in vulnerable situations.

Ensuring mates get home safe isn’t Queensland Paramedics only new years’ message but also a plea to treat these heroes with the respect they deserve.

“We don’t want any trouble and were definitely asking for you guys out there to treat us with respect we’re not there to hurt and we’re not there to be hurt, we’re there to help you.”

A message all Queensland Paramedics would agree by, as they celebrate 2015 doing what they do best.