HOTW Race Brief – UPDATE

2015 “HELL OF THE WEST” Botanical Gardens RACE BRIEF

Transition Area: Sunday Morning
1. Transition will open at 3.30am at the eastern end of the bike racks. When you come into this area make sure your security stickers are on your bike and your helmet and you are wearing your numbered wristband. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER TRANSITION WITHOUT YOUR WRISTBAND
2. You are required to have your helmet on so it can also be checked along with your bike.
3. Rack your bike anywhere on the rack allocated to your race number. We are not allocating specific positions for every race number. Bikes in the incorrect rack will be moved to the correct rack and competitors may not be advised.
4. After racking your bike, proceed down the run chute to begin loading onto buses for transport to Botanic Gardens swim venue. (Competitors only at this stage please, spectators will wait until all athletes have been transported)
5. The transition area will close at 4.30am; last bus will leave soon after. DO NOT BE LATE OR YOU MAY MISS BUS TRANSPORT TO THE SWIM VENUE!
7. Race Bags: IF you need to take other things with you (eg towel) to swim/run transition at Botanicals, please ensure your race number is clearly visible on the outside of your race bag (this is for your own security). Individuals are to place their race bag and/or shoes at the corresponding area for their race number in their transition area (your race bag will be returned to the bag container in the Town Park after the swim leg). Teams in which the swimmer/runner is the same person can do the same.

Swim Leg
1. Please move to the buses as soon as you have completed checking into transition, and you will be taken to Botanic Gardens swim venue. Please follow all instructions to transition and marshalling area as you are dropped at Botanic Gardens.
2. All individual competitors and team runners will need to wear their shoes to the swim venue.
3. Wetsuits are not allowed unless water temperature is below 24 degrees.
4. Please make sure you are wearing your swim cap and it is the correct colour:
Wave 1: Open Males to 39 year olds – Blue cap
Wave 2: Females – Pink cap
Wave 3 : Remaining Males – Green cap
Wave 4 : Teams – Yellow cap.
5. The first wave of competitors will assemble at the boat ramp awaiting instructions to enter the water – NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO ENTER THE WATER UNTIL INSTRUCTED.
6. Please take care entering and exiting the lagoon.
7. The first wave will be allowed to enter the water at 4.55am which will allow you to have a 5 minute warm up (SWIM ONLY TO THE LEFT AS YOU ENTER THE WATER) before race start at 5.00am sharp. We ask that you stay well back behind the start line (marked with buoys) to avoid any delays in starting the race.
8. Waves start in 5 minute intervals. Once the previous wave has left, the next will be allowed to enter the water for their warm up.
9. The swim leg is 3 CLOCKWISE LOOPS of the lagoon, staying to the left hand side of the marker buoys as you swim around the island.
10. At the end of each lap, you will be required to exit the lagoon at the ramp and pass around a marker buoy before re-entering the water. After your 3rd lap, please continue up the ramp to your transition area at the swim venue; individuals will don shoes and run back to the main park transition (3.2km), and team swimmers will pass the timing chip to their runner who will also run back to the park.
11. We will have boats and canoes stationed around the lagoon to watch for people turning early.
12. Team swimmers will be able to board buses to return to the park once they have completed their leg.
13. NB: those TEAM swimmers that are also completing the cycle leg will be given option to be driven from botanic gardens to main transition by a friend or we will organise a driver for you.

Cycle Leg
1. You are required to have TWO water bottles on your bike prior to race start (see Bike Mechanics if needed). Any bike found in the transition area without the above may be removed and you will be disqualified after the swim. Please don’t make us do this. It is for your own safety.
2. Make sure your helmet is done up before removing your bike from the rack.
3. Run your bike down the left hand side of the road to the mount line at the eastern end of the transition where you entered at 3.30am.
4. Once past this point you may mount your bike and start the 80km bike leg.
5. From the mounting point you will ride approximately 100mtrs before taking a left hand turn onto the main road which will take you straight out of town on the Barwon Highway.
6. On the bike leg you will have one serviced aid station at 40km (2 x 750ml bottle of water and bananas) and one self–service water station at 60km. Please slow down for aid stations. The self-service water station will be well signed.
7. Please use the recycle trailers provided for empty water bottles.
8. As you return to town, please follow signs and turn right at the roundabout to return to transition at the bottom end or western end of the bike compound.
9. The penalty box is located at the dismount line for those caught drafting – 5 minutes.
10. After dismounting you will once again run down the left hand side of the bike compound until you find your rack. Keep your helmet done up until you rack your bike.
11. Teams – swap your timing chip once your cyclist has racked their bike.
12. Make sure your race number is clearly visible at the front of your body before heading down the run chute and across the timing mats (this is where your bike split finishes).
13. Should you require transport back to town, please wait for the sweep vehicle to assist you.
14. NO use of iPods, walkmans, MP3s etc on the cycle leg.

Run Leg
1. The run leg consists of three out-and-back loops to complete the remaining distance (16.8km) of the run leg.
2. Please stay to LEFT of running path to avoid collisions with opposing traffic.
3. Follow the bunting through the park heading towards the river and the levee bank. Follow the levee to the western end of the sporting ovals where you will run down onto Brook Street, left into Picking Street, right into West Street, across Brennans Road and along the Botanic Gardens fence until you reach the turn-around point.
4. Return along the same route. On the first and second laps, drop off the levee before the toilet block at the boat ramp heading back to the park. Stay on the left hand side of Marshall Street. You will receive a green armband on completion of your first lap and an orange armband on your second.
5. On the third and final lap, when approaching the park transition area, enter the chute on the right-hand-side; this chute will be clearly identified as “Finish” and follow through to the finish line.
6. There are 4 aid stations, one at the park (Water, Ice and Coke), one at the Cultural Centre (Water, Ice and Endura), one at Picking St (Water, Ice and Coke) and one at the Botanical Gardens (Water, Ice and Endura). Please use aid stations at each pass.
8. NO use of iPods, walkmans, MP3’s etc on the run course.

Recovery Area
1. Please make use of the recovery area to rehydrate. Please bring a towel and a gold coin if you would like a massage.
2. The pool will be accessible to the public from 8.00am until 12:00noon, free of charge. Please note: the Goondiwindi Pool Complex closes to the Public from 12-3pm.
3. There will be several food and drink vendors in the park on race morning for spectators and competitors.

General Information
1. The announcer will try to call all the competitors each time you pass through the transition area plus the 20, 40 & 60 km points on the cycle leg. There will also be a notice board near the announcer’s tower that will record any retirements etc.
2. Please ask friends or supporters NOT to go out onto the cycle and run course as this will only add to traffic on the road and increases the danger for everyone on it.