Hot week ahead: tips to keep your pets safe

The temperature is set to soar into the high thirties next week, with three days of 38+ in a row.

While we can enjoy the luxury of air-con and cold drinking water, it’s not so easy for our furry, four-legged friends.


As the mercury rises, there are a few key points to keep in mind when looking out for our pets and local wildlife.

Maxine from MacIntyre Animal and Pet Rescue (MAPR) says for the most part it’s just common sense, but with such hot weather coming our way, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of a refresher.


Ensure your pets have shade so they can retreat from the sun

Have plenty of water out for them, and keep it in the shade so it doesn’t get too hot

Keep water in containers that they are unlikely to tip over, or get knocked by your pet

Keeping pets tied up in the backyard is not ideal, but if you absolutely must, remember that any shade they might have in the morning will probably not be there by midday

Never, ever leave pets locked up in the car

Leave dishes of water out for local birdlife – be sure to pop in some sticks so they can get in and out easily



A novel way to find some shade!