Hay – It’s all Action Across the West

There’s arrivals from Aussie Helpers in Barcaldine and Blackall this week and down the road a convoy of 155 prime movers and 200 trailers from the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners will arrive today in Cunnamulla bringing relief to drought affected farmers.

On board is a cargo of hay, bound for 160 farmers who currently don’t have too many reasons to rejoice.

And while they reach their destination today rural charity, Aussie Helpers have been busy with a hay relief effort in the state’s central west this week. Their Barcaldine, Blackall and Isisford areas runs, have begun with the first of 10 road trains carrying hay from Casino in NSW pulling in yesterday.

Aussie Helpers founder, Brian Egan, says the charity had put aside $100,00 to assist struggling farming families with stock feed and other goods.

And back on the road today is Organiser Brendan Farrell and his team are rumbling towards Cunnamulla.

Brendan says he’s pleased they’re pulling in on Australia Day.

“I think morale has been bolstered and everyone is offering to help out. It’s a good day to do it and this time I’m taking my young bloke Sam, 6, who’s had bugger all sleep he’s that excited.”

Mr Farrell says he expects the convoy to be at Cunnamulla by about 4pm for a quiet night and Australia Day celebratory drinks.

Saturday is set to be the day of action with on-farm drop-offs occurring.

The hay run will be celebrated with a free concert for the town and surrounding community on Saturday night with entertainment from Pixie Jenkins, Kirsty Lee Akers and Warren H Williams.

Back up Barcaldine and Blackall way, Aussie Helpers volunteers are also visiting stations and arranging assistance for families who were at their wits’ end trying to keep their breeders alive.

Brian Egan says for them it’s about targeting need.

“A whole team of us will be calling in on stations and finding out what the need is. We’ve got a good bush telegraph that lets us know who’s in trouble.”

“We’ve distributed more hay round Charleville and done some at Torrens Creek – pretty much everywhere is in trouble at the moment.”