Gundy gets the hang of Halloween

It's time to stock up on lollies or face the consequences... this Saturday is Halloween!

It’s time to stock up on lollies or face the consequences… this Saturday is Halloween!

Residents can expect a bit of blood and gore in Gundy this weekend… but only of the joking costume kind! Halloween is approaching, so how prepared are you for the heebie-jeebie holiday?

It’s the night of the year where the cute kids of the country evolve into scary monsters and murderous mummies, perhaps some of them showing their true colours to the town!

Yes, the American holiday has reached the Aussie outback, but somehow we don’t think we’ll be seeing many Dropbear or bunyip costumes!

It’s all fun and games and a great opportunity to satisfy the nation’s sweet tooth, but police are asking people to be mindful of each other as they embark on their candy collection expeditions this weekend.

As we find ourselves at the transformative stages of an American-Australian holiday hybrid, it is important to remember that not everyone is accustomed to having costumed kids come knocking on a Saturday night.

Taking into account that Halloween is not everyone’s cup of tea, police have sent out posters that people can display outside their homes to indicate whether or not they are up for a scare.

The posters can be downloaded and printed here (if you’re equipped a brave face and a bowl of candy) and here (if you’d prefer a quiet night).

And of course, children should be supervised by adults at all times over the weekend to ensure the safety of all our spine-tingling youngsters.

Let’s hope it’s a spooktacular night for all. Happy Halloween!