Gundy Cotton Grower Elected Chairman of Cotton Australia

New simon

Local Goondiwindi cotton grower Simon Corish has been elected Chairman of Cotton Australia, the country’s lead advocate organisation for cotton growers nationwide.

“Simon has been a board member of Cotton Australia for a number of years now in the Deputy Chair, and has been very active in the international promotion of Australian cotton, and has a seat on the council of the Better Cotton Initiative, so he is very actively involved. He will bring all those skills to the table,” says Adam Kay, CEO of Cotton Australia.

Cotton Australia oversees cotton growers across the country, and lobbies on behalf of growers to smooth the way for cotton production. Cotton Australia also reaches outside of Australia’s borders in its support for the Cotton to Market project, which encourages responsibly produced cotton to be sold in world markets.

As for the future of cotton growing in Queensland, the organisation thinks it looks quite bright.

“The only negative is always the lack of water in some key areas, but there is still enormous potential,” Adam Kay tells us.

We can certainly expect the Queensland region to continue their role as a major contributor to Australian cotton production, and we can rest assured we are in good hands under Mr. Corish.

Mr. Corish and his family operate over 15,000 ha of land spread over four properties, and have won awards for excellence in achievement, cotton production and environmental stewardship.

“Simon will advocate for all parts of our industry very strongly. In the next week, we have meetings with the Queensland Agriculture Minister and a number of ministers in New South Wales. We’ve got strong relationships there, and Simon’s appointment will just strengthen that.”

Congratulations to Mr. Corish, and we will all be looking forward to a successful cotton growing season here in Goondiwindi.