Goondiwindi Regional Report Feb 10

A round up of news and events from across the region in this week’s Goondiwindi Regional Report.

The Victoria Hotel gets a face-lift, business owners mingle at Business After Hours, Lundavra gets into the school spirit, Lunar New Year celebrates food and family, Torture on the Border is back to challenge our athletes, and locals get lovey-dovey for Valentine’s Day.

Take a look!

A new dining room at the Victoria Hotel

Renovations have begun at The Victoria Hotel, giving the main dining room a much-needed facelift.

Owner John Klein has set an ambitious deadline for completion, hoping to get the new dining room ready in eight weeks.

They seek to maintain the heritage of the building, but patrons can expect a few changes.

“We had a suspended ceiling and we want to raise it up and make it nice and high in the ceiling and give a feeling of more area and more space” John says.

“The work we’re doing as well is going to make our area bigger, so it’s going to have a whole new look and really looking forward to it.”

Michael Bell is leading the team of local tradespeople, continuing the tradition of his grandfather who worked on the original hotel.


Business After Hours kicks off for 2016

The first Business After Hours event for 2016 was a platform for local business owners to get together and network, ensuring the community is working together.

Brooke Saxby from Border Rivers Chamber of Commerce spoke at the event and discussed the importance of networking for small businesses.

“I think networking is crucial and I think it’s one of the reasons why our community is so successful, because we have a wonderful community where a lot of people know a lot of people and they all help each other and use each other in different ways” Brooke said.

There was a solid turnout to the event as everyone mingled, and discussed the future for local business in Goondiwindi.


Lundavra get into the School Spirit

Students at Lundavra State School were treated to bacon and eggs at the community breakfast last Friday.

A strong sense of community is important, given the size of the school, with eight students from prep to grade four.

Principal Craig Marshall says there is an abundance of school activities that the kids are looking forward to in 2016.

“So we’ve got the cross country coming up shortly, at the end of the term, which is pretty good, we’ve got swimming, starts every Friday,  that we do with a few other small schools around, which is a good little day out.”

The little school has a big sense of school spirit.


Lunar New Year

Far away from the Asian continent, there are plenty of celebrations for the Lunar New Year happening a little closer to home.

For many, it’s about celebrating food and family, including Hahn who has fond memories of this time of year.

“At first you have a big party with your family, before the new year eve, the whole family, three generations, grandma, parents, uncles, relatives and then kids, all together, a big family” Hahn said.

Monday 8 February was the official start of the New Year, but the festivities are celebrated all week.

Torture on the Border

They took on the Hell of the West triathlon just weeks ago…and survived to tell the tale.

Now…they’re looking to take on the Torture on the Border triathlon a little closer to home.

“It’s being held at the Texas Pool just here, that’s where we’ll start it, then transition is up on broadway street, right beside the pool then we continue onto the run leg which incorporates some of the main street so that will be closed down for the event” says Naomi Phillips, the race director for 2016.

The Torture on the Border triathlon will take place in just over two weeks!

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day

Goondiwindi is getting loved up on February 14, and locals were happy to share how they plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Many were excited to receive flowers or chocolates, but some are happy to just spend the day with loved ones.