Goondiwindi Regional Report

Border rivers chamber of commerce has its AGM

How to best develop our local business community, and, who is best to drive that, was the topic of discussion at this year’s Border River Chamber of Commerce AGM.

Border River Chamber of Commerce members got together at the AGM to celebrate this year’s accomplishments and look towards the future, with a record number of people coming out to participate. This year’s AGM focused on the importance of community collaboration and some progressive planning.

“Probably what I’m most interested in is encouraging the community to become involved in a bit of forward planning, about how we would like the community to be, and to be able to work towards that,” says David Turner, Vice President, Border River Chamber of Commerce.

The AGM saw three new additions to the committee, including Lochlan Brennan from the Goondiwindi Regional Council, Matt Butler from the National Australia Bank, and Esmond Wright from Allen’s Pharmacy.

“Having this mix of people added to our current mix is just great, we have a local retailer, we have another person in the banking sector, as well as another younger person who is really involved in the community. So we’re just stoked with the results,” says Brooke Saxby, Border Rivers Chamber of Commerce.

After a very successful AGM, the Chamber certainly has a lot to look forward to in the coming year. As always, the chamber encourages all businesses to get involved to help strengthen the Gundy community.

The Goondiwindi polo – a hit

The return of the annual Goondiwindi polo tournament saw spectators treated to an extravagant bush polo affair full of high paced action and fun for all ages.

If you were around town this weekend you surely felt the buzz as the Goondiwindi polo tournament returned for the 2015 event. 6 A-grade teams headlined the competition that saw spectators treated to an extravagant marquee with food and a fully stocked bar for all free of charge. And they certainly all came from far and wide.

“It was a fabulous day, we had a tremendous crowd, we had teams coming from Gympie, Beaudesert, and then our local teams Goondiwindi, North Star. We had 18 teams playing which was fabulous for a little country tournament and all played in a great spirit, fast and furious as always today in the final,” says Kim Coulton, North Star Polo Club secretary.

The last four years have seen the event grow strength by strength, and has become a mainstay on our calendars, giving farmers a chance to let their hair down.

“It blew us away, the crowd were fabulous we just couldn’t believe the numbers that were here and they were all very well behaved,” Kim says.

” They were all just a lovely group of well-dressed people. We’re just very honoured for them all to come along,” says Kim.

Visitors came from all over Queensland, providing a chance for our city counterparts to take part in some good ol fashion country polo.

With the success of this year’s event organisers are already planning ahead for an even bigger affair for next year.

August marks chopper awareness month

A single RACQ CareFlight rescue means the difference between life and death for many seriously injured patients.

This month it’s time to give back to a service that gives so much to our community, with August marking Chopper Awareness month.

If we haven’t used the service ourselves, chances are we know someone who has.

Many of us here in Texas know local Reece Thompson, he reflects on the few rides he has had in the Chopper.


“I’ve been in the Careflight helicopter three times now; once for my neck, I did a C-5-C-6 vertebrae there, once for chest pains, and another time for appendicitis,” says Reece.

A two hour drive by car, the helicopter flight from Texas to Toowoomba Hospital is only about 40 minutes.

This service is critical in getting patients to better equipped hospitals and saving lives.

“Being a small service, we still get major accidents and need the services to get to tertiary hospitals. They assist us by doing that, and also work alongside our tele-health system, where we can have specialists on the line waiting for emergency services to arrive,” says Maria Hayward, Director of Nursing.

With over 130 rescues made in the Southern downs region last year it’s clear that we all depend on CareFlight.

So this month it’s time to dig deep and give back to our charitable service. The service that allows our entire community to stay alive and well.

Council takes a different approach to culling feral animals

Council has taken an innovative approach to eradicating feral animals around our region.

The Goondiwindi Regional Council in conjunction with Waggamba, Inglewood and Texas Landcare have used funding from the Drought Assistance Program, specifically Feral Animal management, in a unique way.

An inclusive approach from council, landcare and local producers saw many meetings with all stakeholders on how to use the funding to best bait and cull feral animals.

Mayor Graeme Scheu says a number of things had to fall into place to achieve results like these.

“I’d say participation by the landholders was paramount, organisation skills of Landcare was good,” says Mayor Scheu.

“You can see by those figures there, the amount of ha covered right across the region is unbelievable. The participation rate was extremely high and well done,” he says.

The initiative has resulted in the baiting of 19 dogs and 18,500 pigs and approximately 9,000 pigs being removed by way of aerial shooting.

Council will now move into its second phase of their funding application, which farmers have welcomed as they continue to battle the elements.

Pet owners warned to look after their furry friends

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but in Goondiwindi the number of missing hounds will increase in the hotter months of the year. So what can owners do to keep their pooches out of the pound?


We all love our canine friends but the number of lost dogs is an increasing problem for the Goondiwindi council. Reuniting a dog with its owner can be a long and difficult process, especially if the dog is not tagged or micro-chipped.

Councillor Phillip Gall says that dogs may go missing for a number of reasons, but heat and thunderstorms are two big factors that will send local canines wandering.

“Thunderstorms is another activity than can force dogs to escape their compounds, but again it’s a responsibility of the owners to ensure that the property where they’re keeping their animals is suitable for the size and type of animal they’re keeping,” says Cr Gall.

According to RSPCA Spokesperson Karina Taylor there are many things pet owners can do to make sure their furry friends are looked after.

“Adequate training and making sure the animals have enough enrichment in their yard to keep them occupied – nice big bones and treats and toys so they don’t want to try and escape, and definitely make sure the animals are desexed and microchipped,” says Karina.


Karina says tagged puppies help avoid our pets from ending up in the pound. And if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that there is nothing better than seeing a lost puppy come home.