Goondiwindi parents given another choice

Parents now have another option for their children’s education in Goondiwindi, with Border Rivers Christian College opening in time for the start of the 2015 school year.

Goondiwindi Mayor Graeme Scheu said he was pleased with the addition of Border Rivers Christian College to education in the region.

“I think the main thing is it gives everyone a freedom of choice and I think that’s imperative in regional areas,” he said.

“That’s the most important thing you can have, no matter whether its education or whatever it is, it’s freedom of choice and I think that it’s a wonderful thing for here.”

On the 27th of January, Border Rivers Christian College will open its doors for Preparatory to Year 8 students, and the school will be adding a year level each year after this, until 2019, when they will offer Prep to Year 12.

The board is confident that the school will provide a solid foundation for life through Christian education for its students.

Parents on the school board were motivated to start the Prep to Year 12 school when they heard that Queensland children would start secondary school from Year 7 in 2015.

They worked to start the school in order to provide parents with the option of a Christian education for their children from Prep through to Year 12 in Goondiwindi.

A member of the board for Border Rivers Christian College said that the school hopes to keep families in the region.

“The family unit is essential to a child’s development, and we saw numerous families leave Goondiwindi when their children reached high school age, so that their children could have a private education and still live at home.”

Another motivating aspect was that the option of private education in Goondiwindi could relieve some financial stress for parents who would otherwise send their children to boarding school.

A member of the board who went away to boarding school herself, said she wanted a different experience for her children.

“Children who are sent to boarding school leave home and never really come back; they come home for holidays…but in effect, they leave home when they’re 12 years old,” she said.

It is hoped that some families who would otherwise relocate for their children’s education, will now consider the option of staying in the district and sending their children to Border Rivers Christian College.

The school uniform has been designed in the colours of navy, green, and white.

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