Lonely Hearts Club: a single’s guide to Valentines Day



Valentine’s Day can be a bit depressing if you’re single/flying solo/a one-man wolf pack. Never fear though – it doesn’t have to be!

Presenting to you – the Goondiwindi single’s guide to Valentines Day.

If you find yourself at a loose end on Feb 14, we’ve got you covered with things to do in town to keep your spirits up!


1. The Notebook screening at the Goondiwindi Cinema

Sure, it will probably be filled with couples as women try to convince their boyfriends that of course it’s the best movie ever, but you can sit there feeling extremely smug with your giant box of popcorn (that you don’t need to share with anybody) finding comfort in knowing that if Ryan Gosling were to burst through that cinema door, you’d be the only one eligible to snog him. Life goals!


2. Complimentary wine at Bao Bao

I repeat. Complimentary wine at Bao Bao. This is not a drill. It’s probably meant  for couples, but nothing says you can’t walk your single toosh into the place and enjoy some complimentary plonk.


3. Spend $50 and TREAT YO’SELF

Yep, that’s probably AT LEAST how much you’ve saved by not buying flowers. Get a dashing haircut instead. Let’s just see if you’re still single this time next year after that!


4. Buy some stationery and write letters to loved ones

Just because you don’t have a lover doesn’t mean you don’t have those you love! Plenty of places in town stock cute stationery – get those gels pens out and write a letter to your mum, your dad, your sister, your cousin, your nephew, your best friend, you sister’s-best-friend’s-neighbour’s-colleague-who-went-to-school-with-your-brother’s-sister-in-law, letting you know how much you love them! And who doesn’t love getting old school letters in the mail. On the count of three – awwwww.


5. Enjoy a picnic for one by the water

Picnic rug – check

Favourite bottle of wine – check

Assortment of snacks and foodstuffs that you’ve lovingly picked out for yourself that are intended to be shared with NOBODY – check

Tranquil environment to reflect on your own awesomeness – check