Friends of Oman Ama unite with national nuclear nominees

friends of oman ama

Opponents of one of six proposed nuclear waste sites, the Friends of Oman Ama have joined forces with nominees across the nation to bring a unified message to the federal government.

“Think before you dump.”

A phone conference was held  with representatives from each of the proposed sites earlier this week.

Friends of Omanama supporter and local resident Annette Clements participated on behalf of our region.

“The general consensus we got from the meeting was to understand how the government was breaking up each regional community to offer different values of incentives. This is so the regions agree to have this dump happen,” Ms Clements says.

“In reality, even after separating each community, most people still don’t want this nuclear waste to be dumped right by their homes.”

Ms Clements says she and the rest of the representatives are advocating for another way for the government to resolve this issue without having to put the waste into a temporary store underground.

“I think there should be a national enquiry; I think there should be a lot more thought put into it,” she adds.

“We believe there isn’t any point putting it into another temporary store, there needs to be a place for the ultimate disposal of the intermediate waste.”

Opponents of the site have been forthright in standing up against what they say will be a risk for the region and it’s river system.

“There have been accidents across the world in terms of nuclear waste reaching our airways or into our waterways; the runoff could reach as far as the Murray-Darling Basin and Goondiwindi. Environmentally, it could be quite disastrous,” Ms Clements says.

Cortlinye, Pinkawillinie and Barndioota in South Australia, Hale in the Northern Territory and Sallys Flat in New South Wales have also been nominated.

The federal government is offering four times the value of the land that has been volunteered as well as an extensive compensation package to surrounding communities.

We spoke to land holder, Gordon Donovan about his motives to nominate the property HERE.

Another Friends of Omanama meeting will be held on February 13th to deliver further information and all are encouraged to attend.

The community consultations into the proposed sites will continue until mid March.