Financial Literacy Across the Beef Industry

A new financial literacy tool specifically designed for Australian agriculture and developed by Longreach-based Agrihive will be launched nationwide this week.

“Farmecco”, the tool, which Cattle Council Chief FarmeccoExecutive Officer, Duncan Bremner, says has the potential to transform how Australian beef producers operate their businesses, will be launched online via a webinar on Beef Central ( at midday this Wednesday 10 May 2017.

Farmecco is designed to assist livestock producers to quickly understand their detailed financial position in real time to help them expand, improve performance and even forward budget for school fees.

Mr Bremner says Farmecco has the potential to help beef producers gain a greater understanding of their financial future.

The launch will be hosted by Agrihive founder, James Walker. Well known agri-media personality, Peter Lewis, and MLA Managing Director Richard Norton along with prominent Australian beef identity, Richard Rain are also amongst the speakers.

Mr Rains believes that the tool goes a long way to improving communication channels between producers and their banks.

“The better you know and can communicate the financial status of your business, the better you can work with your bank to explore opportunities for growth or new strategic directions.”

The on-line tool has been in ‘testing’ mode for the past 18 months and has now been trialled by more than seventy five producers from across the nation.

To join the ‘Financial Transformation for the Beef Industry’ livestream and discover ‘Farmecco’ register today: