Energy Crisis Needs Urgent Action


Federal Member for Maranoa David Littleproud is calling on the Queensland

Government to urgently address its renewable energy targets.

Mr Littleproud says vulnerable and hard-working Australians are the ones being hardest

hit by unrealistic renewable energy targets and Maranoa residents and businesses are

paying the price.

“Just last week the Qld Energy Minister blamed farmers for high energy prices as Qld’s

electricity prices rise faster than anywhere else in Australia.”

“Latest Census data revealed Maranoa’s median weekly household income is $355

below the national average, proving we don’t have the resilience to keep pace with

Labor’s power price mismanagement.”

Mr Littleproud says that for too long the Qld Government has been milking the system.

“It’s now time to wean the coffers off state-owned electricity companies where 47% of

the household power bill is made up of distribution costs, flowing back to the Qld

Government as dividends.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior, family or small business owner – sky-high energy

prices hurt us all and we see through Labor’s flawed rush towards renewables as wind

costs around $140MWh, solar is $100MWh against coal which is only $40MWh.”

The federal member for the region says Queensland Labor’s renewable energy targets

are reckless as it aims to lift dependence on renewables from its current level of 4% to

50%, within six short years.

“This will hurt Maranoa jobs and increase electricity prices for our most vulnerable.”

“There’s also a critical challenge around gas – where Maranoa’s Surat Basin is a Qld


Gas now makes up about 25% of baseload electricity, up from around 9%,

resulting from the reduction in coal generation across the country.

“Qld Labor failed to plan for gas and now we pay the price – I just can’t get over the fact

that gas customers in Japan buy our gas more cheaply than Australians.

“I believe energy security is an opportunity for Maranoa to become a hub with

boundless opportunities provided by both private sector and government investment, in

terms of jobs and wealth.”

“There are some exciting proposed renewable energy projects in my electorate but I

also believe coal remains a vital part of our baseload system because we can’t replace

our baseload with something intermittent and very costly. “