Droning On

Did you or someone you know get a Drone for Christmas?

Here’s the thing – there are a bucket of rules that go with the operational aspects of the unmanned flyers and here are some of them for you.

You should only fly the drone in a line of sight, that is, where you can see it without the aid of binoculars or telescopes etc. and only during meteorological visual conditions, so night flights are out.

In most Australian areas, you can only high up to 120 metres, you must keep your drone 30 meters from all people at all times, you cannot fly it over populated areas-That is areas where it could pose a threat to others such as injury and so on.

So, forget busy streets, crowded pools, beaches, schools, events, sports events etc.

CASA recommends you fly only about 5.5. kilometres away from air fields, and you cannot record or photograph people or their property without their permission.

As a general rule drones, cannot be flown for money or economic gain without a specific licence unless it is over your own land.

If you are using a very small drone and if you plan to use it for commercial purposes in an area of under two kilometres than you can apply to CASA for permission and this needs to be five working days before the project.

Then you need to adhere to those rules for recreational drone use.

Have fun!!