Dick Smith Foods goes above and beyond

Communities across our region are likely to benefit from a massive donation handed this week to local charity, Aussie Helpers.

A cool and much needed $ 1 million dollars arrived in the form of a donation from Dick Smith Foods, and as the charity founder, Brian Egan says, it was a surprise.

The organisation, according to Mr Egan, had been promised a Dick Smith donation that was set to be about one fifth the size, but when the million tuned up it sent shock waves through the group.

“It was his decision to give the whole million dollars to Aussie Helpers because he thought it would go to more Aussie farmers and it would help keep them on the land.”

The hefty donation represents an entire years’ profit from Dick Smith Foods.

One which Company CEO Dick Smith says he knows is much needed.

“I flew out recently to Longreach and I just couldn’t believe the drought there and I met a farming family who were in absolute dire straits,” Mr Smith said.

That experience, Mr Smith says, and the fact that the charity only has one full time employee, guaranteeing most donations go directly to farmers in need is why he chose Aussie Farmers to be the recipients of such a hefty donation.

In the last year Aussie Farmers have visited more than one thousand sheep and cattle properties across Australia.

Despite seeing farmers so worn out and stressed to the limit, Brian believes this money will make a big difference.

“To get a bit of good news like this is really going to put energy back into the bush again,” he said.

“It means that somebody gives a bugger about them.”

The money will help farmers with everything from finances, supplies, and even school fees for the kids.

This Christmas Aussie Farmers will also help to feed almost 400 families over the holiday period.

If anyone wishes to get involved with the charity they can do so through the Aussie Helpers website http://www.aussiehelpers.org.au/ and go to the donations page or request assistance.