CSG Not the Likely Cause


There’s been years of study and research and claims and counter claims but it appears the science is ion and the “Bubbling” in the Condamine River is not the result of Coal Seam Gas extraction.


The CSIRO who has conducted intricate research says the bubbling of methane from the River says there may be many reasons for it but says fracking is defiantly not a cause, as there hasn’t been any in the areas production fields.


CSIRO research has found no evidence that “seeps have any adverse environmental impact on the plant or animal life of the river and its surroundings” the report detailed.


“To date there has been no public health or safety risk caused by methane concentrations measured in the area of these or any other seeps in the Surat Basin that CSIRO has measured.”


The reports details that bubbling in the river had increased three-fold since measurements began in 2015 but have declined as rapidly in recent times.


CSIRO says that since the 1900’s there have bene recorded incidents of bore holes blowing out or catching fire in the region.


Local have confirmed the bubbling h seen happening for decades at various times.


The report says another cause could be groundwater receding from the Condamine River alluvium since 2011 floods reduced pressure over the Walloon Coal Measures near Chinchilla and allowing trapped gas to expand and rise.