Council Repeals Waste Decision

An independent consultant will now be appointed to review tenders for Goondiwindi Regional Council’s collection of kerbside waste and another for the management of the Goondiwindi landfill site.

wheelie-binsThe decision follows Council’s moves to repeal its July 12 appointment of JJ Richards to the two contracts.

The Council repeal, made at a special meeting sees Council return to the tender evaluation process-A decision it has taken after, it says, additional information came to light which showed there had been incorrect information contained in a report submitted to Council’s 12 July meeting regarding tenders.

Mayor Graeme Scheu says that Council decided to appoint an independent consultant to review the tender information in the interests of transparency and openness.

“I want to ensure that the information we rely on to make that decision is 100 percent correct. I have asked an independent third party to review the price calculations and present its findings to Council”.

Cr Scheu said the analysis should be completed within a week. He would then call another special meeting of Council to decide on the tender.

“If we opted for internal advice on the tender we risked criticism if a local contractor was chosen.’’

“The final decision on the tender, however it goes, needs to be based upon correct information and that is the main goal that I have in mind.’’

He said in keeping section 258 of the Local Government Act 2009, Council would give two days’ notice of the special meeting.

“The meeting will be advertised and all tenderers advised exactly what is happening.’’

Mayor Scheu says the original report’s errors and their potential consequences made it critical for Council to review its decision on the tenders.

“Until I am satisfied we have correct information nothing will be determined.”

“We are disappointed these errors have occurred however we are determined to deal with this openly and effectively.’