Council Encourages Local Input on Free Camping Decision

The Goondiwindi Regional Council is to George Street Brisbane and the Tower of Power to ask the State Government to review its preliminary decision not to allow free camping to continue in Goondiwindi at Redmond Park.

Redmond Park
And the Mayor wants to take out thoughts with him.

Goondiwindi Mayor Graeme Scheu says business owners in Goondiwindi who have expressed strong support for the current trial of 12 free camping sites at Redmond Park, should have the chance to put their side in the free camping debate.

“We as a Council have been given little time to support the case. We ask any interested bodies, be they for or against the free camping proposal, to provide information direct to Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) immediately”.

Cr Scheu says it is important DNRM was aware of all sides of the debate before it made a final decision.

“We fear that the interests of a number of business that are strong supporters of the concept may not have been heard in the debate to date. We also do not believe some of the reasons stated in the DNRM preliminary decision are justified, particularly the availability of low cost camping options.”

DNRM are the owners of the recreational land where the trial was conducted, over approximately 12 sites with the over flow asked to go to Caravan Parks.

Cr Scheu also says he’s frustrated with the approach of Caravan Parks Queensland on the issue.

“The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia are at loggerheads with Caravan Parks Queensland over this issue which has adversely affected the debate “

“It is a very changing world of RV motoring. The modern touring vehicle simply does not require the same level of service that caravans of the past required.”

“We would like to be known as an RV Friendly town but should not leave that in the hands of anyone else to decide but local businesses and the community.”

“It is time to approach this issue in a way in which the community and tourists can both benefit.”

Cr Scheu said the free camping trial has created exceptionally strong interest in Goondiwindi and created many great travelling reviews on social media.

He says the trial commenced without a local law in place and if the camping were to continue, it would need to be regulated and enforced which will cost money and mean possible Infringement notices.

“Any local business that has a strong opinion with this delicate situation, either for or against should provide written submissions direct to DNRM Warwick, The Chamber of Commerce or via the Council who will forward onto DNRM on your behalf.”

“Now is the time to put forward your thoughts.”