Commercial waste charge at Goondiwindi landfill

From 1 July 2018, Commercial users of the Goondiwindi landfill will pay a landfill levy when they deliver some types of waste to the Goondiwindi site and the Mayor Graeme says that the charges would apply to commercial users only and not domestic users. There is no intention to introduce a gate fee to domestic users.

His comments follow some confusion about the new charges in the region.

The levy will apply to commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, all regulated or hazardous waste and dead animals. The base charge is likely to be $100 per tonne or part thereof for most waste types, with a minimum charge of $10 per vehicle.

It will not apply to domestic waste.

Mayor Scheu says the landfill levies are a way of encouraging people to recycle or re-purpose goods where possible.

“They also provide an alternative way of recovering the cost of operating the landfill from its users. We are completely revamping the way we charge for garbage services and will reduce the cost of bin collections by the funds we expect to recover through this levy.”

The charge will be collected by weighbridge staff via eftpos, with some regular and large users may seek a 14-day account with Council to make the payments.

THE mayor says that after the ANZAC day holiday, weighbridge staff will start to issue a demonstration invoice to commercial users to help inform them of the likely charges after 1 July 2018.

The charges are based around the current cost of $120 per cubic metre for Council to establish and maintain a landfill from start through to remediation many years down the track.

“If you currently receive a commercial skip bin service for your business, your supplier will be levied with this charge and may seek to pass the cost on to your business.”

He says the key message for local businesses is to look at waste, look at how it is being disposed and consider the cost implications.

“For example, separating steel from concrete will reduce costs by the weight of the steel and possibly also the concrete. If you create a lot of cardboard waste there are options with contractors to have that removed directly from your premises.”

“Council is aware of several local consulting groups and contractors who can help businesses review waste streams and make suggestions to reduce costs into the future.”

The mayor advises that businesses should also consider the impact upon the waste that they send to the landfill of the Queensland Government Container Refund Scheme that is now scheduled to commence on 1 November 2018.

“Cadia Donovan of Rural Admin Services has been working with Council to introduce the kerbside recycling program and says the move for the introduction of the commercial levy brings Goondiwindi Regional Council in line with most others.”

“Coupled with the offer of a kerbside recycling service and the recent state government announcements it is a great time for businesses to look at their waste.”

“For a long time, waste costs have not been managed however it is now becoming an area where businesses can realise some efficiencies and cost savings.”

A copy of the likely commercial charges is available on council’s website and from Council offices and an account request form can be collected from Goondiwindi weighbridge staff or from Council offices