Campaign warns drivers to slow down this Easter

It is that time of the year again – When road deaths and tragedies become news all too often and this year Emergency Services want even the most diligent of drivers to take extra care.

easter raod campaign image 1
Of target this year will those who choose to cruise ‘Just A Little Over’ speed limits.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey says with increased traffic expected from Friday (30 March), drivers needed to understand low-level speeding is a serious issue.

The successful “Let’s Change The Way We Look At Speed” campaign has been re-launched this year, featuring television, radio and digital advertising.

police helmet on bikeMr Bailey says the campaign, which first appeared in 2016, was one of the most memorable speed road safety campaigns in recent years and had contributed to a change of driver behaviour.

“The overall campaign theme, Let’s change the way we look at speed, is part of a long-term strategy to discourage and stigmatise speeding amongst Queensland road users to create social change over time.”

And here’s some thought provokers ahead of the trip:

-On average, speed kills and injures over 600 people per year in Queensland and 50 per cent of crashes are at 10km/h or less above the speed limit.
-Speed-related crashes contribute to a quarter of the road toll.

And the take home tips:
• Always buckle up.
• Use a plan B and plan ahead to avoid driving after drinking – organise a lift, catch a cab or public transport, designate a driver or stay at a mate’s place.
• Never use your phone while driving – stow it away until you reach your destination.
• Don’t rush – stick to the speed limit and allow extra time for your journey.
• Get a good night’s sleep before you hit the road and make sure you take regular breaks on long trips – fatigue kills.
• Drive to the conditions – increase your following distance and drive slower than the signed speed limit if stuck in bad weather (or delay your trip until the weather clears).
• Remember – if it’s flooded, forget it.