Biosecurity Works with St George Farm

Grazers are being urged to report any cases of unexplained deaths of animals to Biosecurity Queensland following the deaths of over 80 head of cattle on a farm in St George, believed to be infected with the bacteria that causes anthrax.

anthraxBiosecurity Queensland says testing indicates the presence of the bacteria – The last incidence of anthrax in Queensland, which occurred in 2002, was successfully contained.

Chief Biosecurity Officer Dr Jim Thompson says they’re working towards containing any further cases.

“Anthrax was a naturally occurring bacteria which occurred sporadically in Australia, with a small number of cases each year. In this latest case, the property owner reported that approximately 80 cattle had died in a short period.”

A biosecurity order to restrict the movement of people, stock and vehicles on and off the infected property is now in place, remaining stock on the property removed from the contaminated area and a vaccination program for them has commenced.

Investigations into the causes continues but a disturbance of contaminated soil, followed by rainfall that is thought to have distributed that contaminated soil is the likely cause.

The risk of human exposure to anthrax from animals was generally regarded as very low.