Basin Plan Disallowed

Phillip GlydeCEO of the Murray Darling Basin Authority Phillip Glyde has expressed his disappointment at the greens inspired decision by Parliament to disallow amendments to the northern basin plan.

Mr Glyde says MDBA stands by the Northern Basin review process, which he says is based on the best available science and evidence, peer-reviewed by independent experts, and involved an extensive and comprehensive consultation over four years.

“In undertaking the Northern Basin Review, the MDBA was well aware of concerns about compliance, high levels of unregulated take, and the need for effective protection of environmental water in the Northern Basin.”

“These issues are not signs of problems with the Basin Plan—on the contrary, they further underline the need for the Basin Plan.”

Mr Glyde says politicians need to remember that a Basin Plan is the solution to these issues.

“But we must remember we are only part way into the implementation of this visionary and long-term policy.”

Mr Glyde says he wants to thank the hundreds of community members as well as environmental, Aboriginal, industry and community stakeholders who were part of the four-year review process.

“In particular, I acknowledge the significant work of the Northern Basin Advisory Committee and the Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations in the Northern Basin Review over this time. I assure you that, despite the Amendments being disallowed, all these contributions have not been wasted.”

He says the greens led decision will leave many communities in the Basin very concerned about the possibility of further water recovery, and the uncertainty brought about by disallowance of the Amendments.

Basin Plan limits on water take become legally binding in mid-2019.