Backpacker tax: 15 per cent A win for Common Sense

Peak horticulture body, Growcom has joined the list of industry bodies welcoming the Backpacker Tax Compromise announced today, saying the Federal Government’s proposal to set the backpacker tax rate at 15 per cent as a win for common sense.

growcom-logoGrowcom Chief Advocate Rachel Mackenzie says that 15 per cent was strongly supported by the key horticultural regions in Queensland as it is equivalent to the rate currently paid by seasonal workers under the Government’s Seasonal Worker Programme.

“It also leaves backpackers with enough money in their pockets to spend in regional communities.”

“We are very encouraged by today’s announcement and urge the crossbenchers to pass it through the Senate,” said Ms Mackenzie.

back-packer-farm-worker“Our growers just want a resolution and any politician holding out for a lower rate at this stage will win no friends in Queensland. We cannot risk the 32.5 per cent tax rate coming in on 1 January 2017 – the time for political games is well and truly over.” she said.

“We will not be celebrating this outcome until it has been formally passed through the Senate, but a 15 per cent tax rate would be a Christmas present for backpackers and growers alike.”