All the Flappin’ About a Flag

Federal MP Bob Katter wants us to brush up on our National History – It seems the argument, debate and counter debate about the moves by the Queensland Teachers Union to have the Eureka Stockade flag displayed in every school to support the construction unions is based on historically incorrect information.

Eureka Stockade flag
He says the Premier Palaszczuk backed move, described by the Federal Government as a union bid to spread propaganda for the militant CFMEU into schools, is an historical oopsie for the union movement.

While unions claim the Flag as symbol of struggle for the working class, determined to fight and die for better conditions, according to Mr Katter history dictates truth and the Flag is a symbol of small business operators.

Mr Katter says the irony of this initiative now being debated is that history has yet again been manipulated and now people don’t seem to realise the Eureka Flag was not the flag of the employees, battling for better pay or rights, but rather, it was the flag of the owner/operator class – the hands-on risk takers.

The Eureka rebellion was led by small business owners – against Government taxation of the mine owners-who worked their own mines themselves.

Mr Katter says having been a mine owner who also worked his own mine, he has always carried great reverence for the Eureka Flag.

“Another little history lesson was Eureka Stockade Leader Peter Lalor became a conservative speaker of the house in the Victorian Parliament.”

Mr Katter suggests union leaders, Premiers and Politicians need to brush up on their Australian History.

“I would suggest they read my History of Australia, An Incredible Race of People, so they know a little bit about the history of their own country instead of shooting their mouth off and demonstrating a colossal ignorance of their own nation’s history.”

“Every mine and every industry in this country was initiated by the people who manned the barricades of Eureka and what it stands for. Essington Lewis – who created BHP and the steel industry, started work with a pick and shovel.

Les Thiess, who left school at 5th grade, created the coal industry out of nothing and built Snowy Mountains and the Gold Coast. The Holden family were saddlers, Kidman was a stockman. Every single person who manned the barricades at Eureka was out of the same stable – owner/operators, risk takers, hands on.”

“I doubt whether there is a single bludgerigar in the Qld or Fed Government that would fit into any one of those three categories – let alone all three.”

“On a final note, I will remind my fellow Australians that written below the flag at Eureka was, ‘When oppression becomes law then resistance becomes duty’.”

26 men died at the EUREKA rebellion, when mine owners took up the fight against excessive taxation, Government bureaucracy and a corrupt judicial and political system.