Alcohol fueled violence takes to the streets in Inglewood

inglewood police

Inglewood Police were called to a large street disturbance in the early hours of Saturday morning after a number of fights broke out in the township.

The disturbance was allegedly triggered when two women, who were former friends, had a falling out and exchanged a number of threats via social media and texts.

During the disturbance a number of persons were assaulted and a man was taken to the Inglewood Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Police were kept busy quelling the unrest for approximately 3 hours.

Police have issued infringement notices to two women and five men and cautioned one female juvenile, all for public nuisance (disorderly) offences with further investigations being conducted which may lead to further charges being laid against others involved.

Local sergeant, Tim Hoffmann says it disrupts the peace of the usually quiet town.

“This type of behaviour cannot be condoned,” he said in a statement.

“Whilst we are fortunate no persons were seriously injured on this occasion, alcohol related violence of this nature will simply not be tolerated and anyone involved will be held accountable for their actions.”

Alcohol was a major factor in the disturbance with all persons affected by liquor.

Police say they were disappointed in the conduct of supervising adults who became involved in the incident; inflaming the situation instead of giving guidance and good advice to those involved in what was initially a teenage dispute.