A few Laps of the Pool and Bash with Ball Won’t Cut It

So, it is Christmas Day and you’re having a couple of celebratory tipples…and why the heck not?
Well, just be sure to hang up the car keys.

The age-old plan of stopping drinking after the big meal, and taking to the yard for some fun exercise to ‘Burn off the Booze’ ahead of jumping in the car to head home may not be the ticket you think it is.

Here’s what it’d take to burn up the alcohol in just one drink:

  • Full strength beer (425ml/684 kJ) -You’ll need 30 minutes of strenuous golf to burn it off.
  • Dry white wine (160ml/454 kJ) you’ll need to do 28 minutes of walking.
  • ‘The Bubbles’- You’ll need to jog for 12 minutes.
  • Bourbon and coke premix -well you could try one hour and six minutes of hefty weight training.
  • Cider- 24 minutes of swimming, but you may drown in the interim.
  • A gin and tonic, 23 minutes of aerobics.
  • A cocktail, like an espresso martini- one hour and twenty-one minutes of walking-fast.

Times will vary per age, gender and weight of course…
But the moral of the story- Just hang up the keys please.