$33 000 in new technology for Texas Hospital

As Health Minister Lawrence Springborg visits the region on his Queensland election campaign; he’s made some big announcements for health across the region.

Texas Hospital will receive new medical equipment and technology to help doctors and nurses provide the very best in modern patient care.

He says an extra $33,000 worth of new equipment would be purchased for Texas Hospital.

“As a local resident and Minister for Health I know how important it is to provide rural hospitals with the technology they need to best treat people away from big cities,” he said.

The funding for Texas Hospital will provide:

  • a $20,000 Mobile Telehealth Unit
  • an $8,000 Vein Seeker
  • and $5,000 for Sensor Mats

Mr Springborg said the Mobile Telehealth Unit was an important part of modern medicine for rural and regional Queenslanders.

“The Mobile Telehealth Unit will allow local patients and doctors to perform video conferencing with specialists in Brisbane or Toowoomba, directly from a patient’s bedside in Texas.

“Telehealth is a fantastic tool that improves patient access to health care, reduces travel times for patients, their families and specialists and gives health professionals access to peer support and education.”

Mr Springborg said the Sensor Mats would help improve patient safety.

“These sensor mats help detect patient falls and medical professionals have told me they will be particularly useful at night when patients may attempt to leave their beds.”

The Vein Seeker uses infrared technology to assist nurses and doctors when inserting a drip.

Mr Springborg said the Newman LNP Government was working hard to improve healthcare in rural and regional Queensland.

“Only the LNP has the strong economic plan to deliver the health system Queenslanders need and deserve.”