2019-Tech Pain Eases for Students

Key on line services for rural and remote school students and their families will, from 2019, no longer form part of monthly data allowances on the Sky Muster satellite broadband services.

The new wholesale plans won’t count the use of monthly data allowance towards essential internet services such as internet banking and email from early 2019 following consultation with retail service providers and the ICPA.

However, streaming video and online gaming will continue to be subject to monthly data allowances, with speeds being shaped if data limits are exceeded with a new layered service made possible by the use of newly developed software.

Federal ICPA president, Wendy Hick says it’s a good move on the part of NBN Co.

“This announcement will see primary, secondary, tertiary and boarding students with Sky Muster services at home able to participate.”

“Rural schools and students will stand to gain from this new option. It is also envisaged that services such as telehealth will benefit.”

NBN Co’s CEO Stephen Rue says the move is a demonstration of their unwavering commitment to regional and rural Australians.

“We have been listening to feedback. The new Sky Muster Plus product is designed to give regional and rural Australians peace of mind knowing that essential internet services, like emailing loved ones or accessing internet banking, should not slow down if their monthly data limit has been exceeded.”

“Our team is also continuing to consult with industry on a number of additional wholesale product updates on the Sky Muster satellite service, including a regional enterprise service as well as additional applications to enable remote telehealth and distance education.”