The Federal Election-The Developments

Independent Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie will give confidence and supply to the Coalition to form Government in Australia’s 45th Parliament as he says it appears that Malcolm Turnbull will continue to be the Prime Minister.

Andrew WilkieHis support comes on top of that of Bob Katter, who threw his hat and support into the Coalition ring yesterday.

Malcom Turnbull is this morning meeting with Independent member for the seat of Indi, Cathy McGowan, to seek her support to form Government.

As the count winds on, the political sphere is really showing some signs of mixed messaging and tension.
Senior Coalition figure Christopher Pyne has “claimed victory” in the Federal Election for the Coalition, this morning-even though it’s not his to claim.

The final decision will be made obvious by the Australian Electoral Commission count and when a result becomes clear protocol says the Party Leaders claim or concede defeat.

The final decision is then up to the Governor General.

So, thanks, Chris.

Some observers say a “clear vote count” which gives us a winner may know be as early as late this afternoon.
Others however are not sure.

So far the Australian Electoral Commission has counted 10,388,189 votes.

Currently the Coalition holds 73 seats of the 76 they need form government. They now however have the support of the two independents, Wilke and Katter.

The ALP has 66, and while mathematically possible, it is not feasible for the them to be able to reach a position to be able to form Government.

“Other parties” hold 5 seats and 6 remain in doubt.

Of those six seats in doubt the 3 Queensland seats are Key-Herbert, Forde and Capricornia.

In some other Observations – Overall The Coalition leads the total “VOTE” count two party preferred by just 37 votes, as of 10 am this morning, and the lead is extending as vote counting continues.

(Remember however it is not the total number of votes won, rather the number of seats won that decides the Government.)

The Coalition Lead, according to commentators, is likely to keep extending that lead as the remaining postal votes are counted on Friday.

And while all parties, other than the Coalition, are crowing about how well they did the figures emerging are telling:

-The Coalition has suffered a swing against its 2013 result of 3.49%
-The ALP increased its vote on its disastrous 2013 result by just 1.8 %
-The Greens only slightly increased on their 2013 drop by just 1.2 %
-The National Party achieved one extra seat more than it had post-election.
-Bob Katter lost ground on his huge 2013 vote.
-One Nation has picked up most of the swing to “Others” across Australia. In Queensland it is about a 9% swing.