Love and luck in the leap year

Image: sourced

Image: sourced

Ladies get your rings ready, this is your chance to take a leap and pop the big question!

But before you hop to it, did you know it only counts if you are wearing breeches or a scarlet petticoat?

Yes, its that special day that only comes around every four years: February 29.

While blithe talk of female proposals may be floating in the air, the Greek treat the issue with a little more concern.

Believing it is bad luck to get married in a leap year, one in five couples in Greece will postpone their special day to a more fortunate time.

So is the extra day an asset to our calendar year?

Not if you’re on an annual wage, because technically you are working the day for free.

February 29 also marks Rare Disease Day, which explains why its frequency is so, well, rare!

But for the lucky ‘leaplings’ out there, the chance to blow out the candles is something they have been holding their breath for.

According to the horoscopes, people born on a leap day have special talents and unusual personalities.

And finally, can you guess the mascot for February 29?

A frog of course!